Innovation is deeply rooted in our hearts

The team of the Sustainables started in 2011 making remote quotes for solar panels. At that moment in time nobody believed this was possible. Several arguments were used; it would have been too difficult and too complex, partly because of the piping, which would be impossible to map on distance.

But we were completely certain: making remote quotes is possible. The list of advantages is endless; it will save you a lot of time, kilometres and hassle. It is a highly scalable process, which makes it possible to generate quotes for over a thousand households within just a few weeks of time. At this moment, remotely measuring of solar pannels is the standard.

However, we didn't limit ourselves to the solar market, but we looked beyond and used our knowledge and tools on other marketsegments. Like wall insulation, paintwork and heating solutions. Our innovative solutions offer both our clients and our customers a lot of advantages.

Right now we are working on a tool which automatically generates quotes, due to our 3D home models. This tool generates quotes for sustainable energy- and home improvement solutions fully automatic; the customer applies for an online quote by filling in only his zip-code and housenumber, then our tool automatically generates the quote and this makes it possible for the customer to order directly.

Possible purchase thresholds will be reduced. Thereby we accelate sustainabily through simplicity.

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