Online Sales platform Nefit HE boilers
Client: Nefit
Project description

Innovative online sales platform for Nefit HE boilers

The inventor and biggest supplier of HE boilers – Nefit – asked us for help on how to give better service to installers and consumers. The Sustainables developed, together with Nefit, an innovative online sales- and delivery platform for HE boilers.

Customers can easily generate a customized online quote for an HE boiler. The quote will be generated automatically, due to The Sustainables’ available big data-sources and the ‘Remote Quote’-tooling. Thereby, our price indication- and quick-advice tool make sure the customer will be better informed, for coming to a well-considered decision. Our online tool automatically takes into account to what extent the property is isolated.

The entire process is completely optimized, because everything works digitally: from the moment of planning the installation date until the customer satisfaction survey at the end of the process. Thanks to the online platform, both the installer and the client have full access to all the boiler-related data. Very convenient, now it is no longer necessary for the installer to make an appointment with the client for an inspection.

This makes the online sales platform of Nefit the most innovative platform of The Netherlands.

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Project details
April 2015 - present
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