Online advice platform for Nefit heat pumps
Client: Nefit
Project description

Online advice platform for Nefit heat pumps

At the start of 2016 Nefit introduced a new line of “hybrid” and “all-electric” heat pumps: the Nefit EnviLine. They were the first in Holland to develop, in cooperation with The Sustainables, an innovative advice platform for heat pumps.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a heat pump advice is very easy to establish. The Sustainables can map each home in a 3D model. By combining this model with Big Data and constumer input, the energy consumption can be estimated. These findings will be taken into account when preparing the advice, together with the specifics from the 48 EnviLine variations. Eventually the customer can give up his preferences, which leads to a customized heat pump advice.

The platform shows the advice including savings (in money, gas and CO2), the amount of extra power needed and the investment costs (with efficiency). Subsequently the costumer receives a non-committal quotation, after which a request can be made for a visit from a specialist.

This makes Nefit’s online sales/advice platform Holland’s most innovative.

Project details
January 2016 - present
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